Studio 5 is a venture started by individuals whose intent is to do the right thing and not the usual thing. With professional work experience in the field of interior designing since 2000, Studio 5 has credited to itself with professional experience that boasts of clients who have never looked elsewhere to fulfill their design needs.

We are a team with a flair for innovative ideas and designs. We believe in creating a final product that reflects on the client’s individual style and taste, fulfilling their requirements. Our motto is “Less is more” and we strive to create interiors that are both functional as well as aesthetically appealing by making optimum use of space and materials.

We are assembled into teams of various sizes to respond to the demands of a wide range of projects. Our emphasis is: To remain agile and to innovate, and our aim is: to bring a smile with each work that we do.

The work accomplished by us is a growing study, each former experience building upon the latter.